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Aid For Starving Children


Every 12 seconds, a child dies of hunger. Help us provide food, clean water, shelter, education, medicine/medical supplies and care, as well as emergency relief, to starving and desperate children and families in 12 countries worldwide.

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Success Story

Our Samaritan Children Center in Kenya currently has 118 children. Some children are orphans, some have one parent and others are abandoned and abused. Here is a story about little Lucy.

Lucy was an orphan and came to live at Samaritan Children Center early last year.

Her mother passed away and left the little girl with her grandparents at the age of 2 years. Her grandmother later passed away leaving Lucy to live with her grandfather. Her grandfather was unable to take care of Lucy due to increasing health issues and limited financial ability. He was not even well enough to fetch food or water for them to survive. They had to depend on neighbors to get their everyday necessities to live.

Lucy was not the only child her grandfather had to take care of. His daughter and son had also passed away, leaving Lucy's grandfather the only caretaker of their children as well.

A Good Samaritan brought Lucy to the Samaritan Children's Center. They feared that the living conditions Lucy was in could potentially lead her to fall victim to being abused by strangers, defiled, malnourished or even death.

Lucy is now 4 years old. She lives safely at the Samaritan Children's Center. She is attending classes and is now getting the protection and the necessities to live a long and happy life she so desperately needed.

The Samaritan Children Center in Kenya is one of the projects funded by Aid for Starving Children. For more information about Aid for Starving Children or Samaritan Children Center, visit our website.