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PAI believes that sexual and reproductive health is more than a hope -- it's a human right. We champion progressive policies and funding that expand access to care for women, young people and communities around the world.

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Did you know that globally 214 million women want to avoid pregnancy but are not using modern contraception?

For indigenous youth in Chiapas, Mexico, discrimination, social stigma and shortages of reproductive health supplies, like birth control and condoms, undermine their ability to access reproductive health care.

“These things were so taboo—talking about rights, talking about being able to decide,” says Maruch Hernández.

Maruch works as a health promoter with Observatorio de Mortalidad Materna (OMM), a local organization addressing the barriers indigenous youth face by engaging with government and community stakeholders to advoca te for culturally relevant policies.

With support from PAI, OMM is training indigenous youth like Maruch to conduct citizen monitoring of public health facilities to ensure they are implementing these policies. She regularly visits clinics in 11 communities where she surveys staff about the availability of contraceptives and medicines to treat sexually transmitted infections as well as youth-friendly and culturally relevant services.

Maruch is determined to help young people in her community access the information they need to choose their own futures. “My father didn’t want me to study. He said women are only here to have children and get married. For me, having these opportunities to learn and share this information was important.

PAI is proud to provide grant funding and strategic guidance to champions of reproductive rights in the Global South like Maruch. Your support of PAI will help ensure that women and girls everywhere receive the sexual and reproductive health care they deserve.