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Marine Mammal Center


Thousands of orphaned, sick & injured animals like seals, otters & sea lions are rescued at our state-of-the-art rehab & veterinary facilities. We lead the field in ocean conservation thru rescue, veterinary science, & education.

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Success Story

Bumblebee: (Phoca vitulina)

Bumblebee the harbor seal pup was found on a beach alone, just days old with no mother in sight. She was underweight and unable to fend for herself, so veterinarians and volunteers at The Marine Mammal Center gave her round- the-clock care to ensure she got the nutrition she needed.

After three months of care, Bumblebee was back to a healthy weight and had learned how to catch fish on her own. Thanks to the special care she received at the Center - and the support of people like you - she was released back to the wild.

Harbor seals are the third most common patient at The Marine Mammal Center and this little pup was the 2,000th harbor seal admitted to the Center's hospital since 1975!