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Planned Parenthood Of The St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri


Planned Parenthood ensures access to high quality sexual and reproductive health care for all. Contributions support family planning, reproductive health care, medical support, and comprehensive, age-appropriate sexual health education.

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As a young woman, I suffered severely with menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, etc. My mother refused to let me get on the pill, even though the doctor recommended it. When I left for college, a friend told me about Planned Parenthood. I had practically no money, but I made an appointment and my friend accompanied me. Unlike at home, I was treated with dignity and respect, given information freely, and provided with low-cost contraceptives, all of which greatly improved the quality of my life. When I became sexually active, I continued to receive support and information from my Planned Parenthood health provider and with those, I was able to make better decisions. After college, Planned Parenthood continued to provide my health care as I could not afford the health insurance premiums. Eventually, I married and switched to private healthcare through my husband's insurance. I know what a difference access to accurate information and quality healthcare, without fear of condemnation, violation of privacy, or religious bias has meant to me. It has allowed me to pursue my dreams and therefore, become a better parent. L.A. - St. Louis County, MO