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Aid for African Catholic Missions


Alleviate human suffering among the poor and marginalized in Africa, Asia and S America through Catholic missions by addressing human/spiritual needs; developing churches/schools/health clinics/youth hostels/water wells;and spreading God's Word with love.

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Success Story

Life is going on well for Goretti who was born with congenital bladder exstrophy. Her aunt, Sister Feliciana expresses the family's gratitude: "We consider it a miracle by God and you are all a part of her story. I can testify that every time we become financially drained and are tempted to give up, you are there to support us." ----- "My sincere gratitude to all who donated money for the school's rainwater harvest system project. I know it is going to help us greatly. The shortage of water is a big challenge, but with additional tanks it will be much easier to handle during the non-rainy season." Fr. Jomat Kollappallil, MSFS, Bukene, TZ ----- "I am indebted to many people, my parish priests and community, and my sponsors Robert and Jo who have accompanied me since my childhood. God bless every one of you. I urge those who can be generous to join hands with A4ACM in this educational ministry." Aldo Nhaca, Agricultural Technician Graduate, Mozambique.----- "Our students who are hungry to read, eager to learn and explore their world, have found the upgrade to the school's library a priceless gift that guarantees them continued quality education for years to come." Fr. Sheejan Kallarakkal, MSFS, SFS Junior Seminary Rector, Kihonda, Morogoro, TZ