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Children of Nicaragua Fabretto Foundation


Empowering underserved children and families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take advantage of economic opportunity through education and nutrition.

Real Life

For over five decades Fabretto has served the needs of Nicaragua's poor. Today, over 4,000 children are enrolled in its programs and Fabretto continues to grow and bring hope to another generation of Nicaraguans, like Heydis Lopez.

Heydis' parents are campesino subsistence farmers struggling to provide for their eight children. Barely able to feed the family, her parents struggled with how to afford to send their children to school when they really needed them to work to help support the family. Eventually, Heydis' parents took their children out of school, one by one, leaving them with too little education to earn a decent living and with little hope for the future.

Heydis knew she wanted more for her life. She came to Fabretto looking for help and with Fabretto's support, she not only completed primary school, but she became the first person in her family to graduate from high school. Heydis' hard work and dedication also earned her a Fabretto-sponsored university scholarship to study Community & Social Development and she is now on her way to a life full of hope and opportunity.

Fabretto helps impoverished Nicaraguan children at risk of dropping out of school obtain an education and grow to become employable adults capable of leading themselves, their communities and country out of poverty. Fabretto's comprehensive afterschool nutrition, education, child development, job training and scholarship programs engage children at an early age and builds year after year upon a strong educational foundation so that they may reach their full potential.