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Youth For Christ USA, Inc.


Through authentic Christ-sharing relationships with mentors and peers, Campus Life Military fosters resilience in the 11-19-year-old military dependents of servicemembers and veterans. Your contribution brings whole-person support to young people.

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Success Story

He was small for his age, but he didn't miss a thing. He was smart to the ways of the streets, having learned quickly from the Mafia Insane Vice Lords. "It's kind of unreal out there," Shannon explains about those days. "You war with rivals, forget school, keep weird hours, party hearty. I was really going nowhere but that didn't register at the time."

A cycle began - back to the hood, more detention, then more street trouble, until finally Shannon landed up in a Department of Corrections facility. While there, he attended Teen Residents Encounter Christ. At TREC, Shannon worked again with a YFC Juvenile Justice ministry team who had met with him for bible study in Detention. Shannon decided to make a total change and turned to the true source of new life, Jesus Christ. He now enjoys being part of the church and working with the YFC team. "Living just for me was a very small package and really foolish, but serving the Lord opens up all the potential in the universe. People prayed and supported ministries so I could be reached and changed. Now it's my turn to pay back."

- From Detroit YFC story