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Providing critical medical, hygiene, canine & communication items needed by military forces of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard when these critical items are not available. From a helmet, to tools to diffuse landmines. At no charge.

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From The Mouths Of Our Service Members About TroopsDirect

"TroopsDirect singlehandedly changes the manner in which our military can operate on the frontlines."

"TroopsDirect kept us going."

"I can honestly say that TroopsDirect saved our lives out there."

"TroopsDirect was literally in the trenches with us 24/7."

"What TroopsDirect does for us is unlike anything I've ever experienced."

"We had heard about TroopsDirect while deployed in Afghanistan but didn't realize their commitment to us until we needed them. They were there for us immediately and in ways we never thought possible."

"Without TroopsDirect we would have lost more men and suffered more casualties."

"TroopsDirect is the game changer for my men and is THE support organization of this generation of the military."

"You got us home intact and for that we're in your debt."

"You're helping us out a ton. The Army isn't like it used to be. It used to have money to get us the equipment we needed, get weapons or equipment fixed in a decent amount of time. These days if a weapon breaks, we won't get it back for at least 2-3 months. If equipment tears or we lack it, we most likely won't see a replacement or get a new one the remainder of the deployment. Luckily there's an organization like yours that truly does make a gigantic impact on units down range. And again, we appreciate you more than words can explain. My 240 Gunners/Assistant Gunners said thank you by the way for the packs. They've been using them on every mission since they got them and haven't had any complaints about not being able to carry their basic load as well as their packing list."