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Army Heritage Center Foundation


Honoring the service of American Soldiers, Veterans & their families by preserving, collecting & archiving their memories & history for future generations. Educating the public about the Military's contributions & sacrifices for the freedom of our Nation.

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I support the Army Heritage Center Foundation because they, in partnership with the U.S. Army, are building a facility that preserves Soldier experiences, including my own that occurred in 1951 while serving in the 8th Ranger Company in Korea.

On a night in May 1951, the Chinese attacked an American Rifle Company defending a hill on the left flank of my Ranger Company. The battle raged throughout the night amid machine gun, mortar, and artillery fire. The attack was beaten off, but with heavy losses to both sides.

The next morning, I encountered wounded Soldiers from the previous night's engagement. Some with faces bandaged, others carried on litters. Most unfortunate were those who suffered terrible burns from flesh eating white phosphorus.

At the summit, waiting with the eternal patience of the dead, were Americans killed the night before. Their bodies placed side by side on litters, their faces and bodies covered with ponchos...only their boots visible to onlookers.

Those boots had marched many miles, climbed hills and mountains to meet death. Worn and scarred, they were a mute testimony to the wearer's sacrifice. The men who wore them gave all they had for us.

I support the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center because it is the voice that reminds Americans young and old that their freedoms were fought and died for.

Expansion of the facility is required to showcase similar Soldier stories. Without such means, we are failing our Veterans and future generations who must learn about the sacrifices made to protect their freedoms.

-Colonel Robert W. Black, USA Ret.