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National Space Society


Advancing the day when humans, living and working in space, will unleash an unlimited future of opportunities for the betterment of humankind and the Earth. Help us accelerate sustainable innovation, inspire our children, and even enhance our survival.

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"Restoring Humanity's Unlimited Future through Space Settlement"

The "pale blue dot" floating in the immensity of space we call home has finite resources and an increasingly fragile biosphere. The ability of Earth to provide abundant lives for all of its inhabitants is becoming increasingly hard even with amazing new technologies. For the first time in human history, we are entering an age focused on sustainability rather than growth. Space offers a new frontier of unlimited resources to utilize for the dramatic betterment of all humanity. We do not have to accept the constraints of an Earth only existence. Here are just a few ways a thriving presence in space can benefit people on Earth:

* Space solar power can provide affordable clean energy 24x7 by the middle of this century;

* It is estimated that the water and minerals of just the near Earth asteroids is sufficient to support 40 billion people, an amazing economic opportunity;

* More perfect semiconductors and purer fiber optic cables are among many new materials being developed in micro-gravity to improve products we use every day;

* Stem cells, human protein crystals and even new varieties of disease and drought resistant crops are being grown in micro-gravity to help better feed humanity and extend our lives;

* We can build new habitats in space, and on other planets and moons, to extend and protect humanity and our biosphere; and

* A vibrant space presence inspires all of us that there is a future of unlimited opportunity worth striving to achieve.

Your voice counts. Please help us build a new frontier for all of humanity!