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United Marriage Encounter


Our members believe every marriage deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, reflect, and be enriched. Would you join us? We believe in the need for stronger Christian marriages to influence families and communities and is the world's hope.

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Success Story

UME changes lives, no doubt about that. Here is a sampling of comments made by couples who have attended a UME Weekend:
  • "After being married almost 44 years we fell in love all over again and realized what drew us together years ago is the same feeling we still have for each other today."
  • One young military man stated, "Every day I work to defend millions of people I don't even know. This Weekend I learned how to defend my marriage and family"
  • "We're closer now than we were on our honeymoon!
  • "We learned more about each other in 2 days than we've been able to figure out in 8 years!"
  • "You gave us tools that we can use the rest of our lives to become more in tune with each other."
  • "A life transforming experience"
  • "We realized how far we had drifted from being best friends."
  • "Many doors were opened for us. My husband and I had our eyes, ears, and hearts opened to someone who had become a stranger after 13 years of marriage."
  • "It was a turning point in our marriage, to have come to a deeper level of communication and fellowship."