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Anglican Relief and Development Fund


To provide relief from domestic and international disasters and sustaining life change for the economically poor in Africa, Latin America and Asia through effective, efficient, holistic and measurable development projects.

Real Life

“I Will Not Be Discriminated Against.”

Kalemie, The Democratic Republic of Congo
“Now all my four children will go to school and as a pygmy I will not be discriminated [against]. Thank you for the church for this support to our village. I am studying literacy [through the church] and now I can read and write. I have started reading the Bible in the Church. – Ms Clarise Kaputo

In our broken world, many communities are marginalized, forgotten or disparaged by the world. When the church steps in to offer love and tangible support, it is one of the clearest demonstrations of God’s love for all of us.

Pygmies are a neglected minority in the Kalemie region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Elementary age kids are discriminated against in school. They experience racial stereotyping and social exclusion. Because of this, many drop out of school, leaving them mired in an ongoing cycle of poverty. Pygmies needed a school that would accept them and their parents. The church has built a school that will bring together pygmy and non-pygmy families in an inclusive environment. Meanwhile, the mothers have the opportunity to study literacy in the afternoons.

What a unique role for the church, to reach out to those neglected by the world! As Christ reconciles us to our Father, the local church has the opportunity to demonstrate this same love when it reaches out to those the world has forgotten.