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Corporation for Supportive Housing


Help create a home for individuals and families without one. For over 27 years, CSH has partnered with communities to provide 200,000 people, including those facing homelessness, with the housing they need to move forward with their lives.

Real Life

At the young age of 17, Joe enlisted in the U.S. Navy and came to San Diego for basic training. He was deployed to Greenland to help install early warning lines in radar stations. After his service, Joe returned to San Diego and eventually earned his livelihood as a street entertainer. After suffering two heart attacks, working on the streets as a storyteller became too difficult. A friend told him about Potiker, a supportive housing project, and linked him with Cesar, a coordinator there. Cesar found an apartment for Joe, and helped him set up a checking account to assist him with paying rent and other bills. Life at Potiker has given Joe access to other social services and occasional appointments with a nurse. Joe enjoys the community he has found and faithfully pays his rent on time. Most of his neighbors are his age and he has even discovered he served together in the armed forces with one of the men. Joe is grateful for his life, his home and his friends.