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Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Protection Center


When children and teenagers are sexually abused, they and their families can experience a lifetime of issues. Survivors report depression and PTSD, as well as health, relationship, and employment problems. Help Now! prevent trauma to keep children safe.

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"Stop It Now! gives me hope for a world where families like mine can deal with our problems effectively and compassionately.

I was a victim of child sexual abuse, and the real tragedy for me was that the abuser was my father who was loved dearly by the whole family, including me. The only choices I felt I had were to keep the silence or cause disaster for us all.

Stop It Now! offers more options for dealing with the heartbreaking fact that most people who abuse are not monsters, but people in our own families and communities who we love. Stop It Now! offers us all the freedom to break through the secrecy and shame that surrounds this issue." - An adult survivor of child sexual abuse who contacted the Helpline

“Talking to the [Stop It Now!] Helpline Staff changed my life. There was some place to go where I could tell my story to people who were experienced and knowledgeable about child sexual abuse. Helpline staff told me about steps I could take to interrupt a situation that worried me. I am very close to the people involved in the situation and the Helpline helped me proceed in a loving way.” - A worried parent who contact the Helpline

"I am so appreciative at the time and detail and energy you put forth in responding to these emails. It really means so much to me to have an advocate while I deal with this difficult situation. I feel like I will be so much better prepared to keep my kids safe moving forward." – A concerned mother whose child was abused by another child