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Coast Guard Foundation


Provide morale funding to Coast Guard members and their families through learning, recreation, and morale programs in Coast Guard communities.

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Success Story

Last year, USCG Little Creek-Fort Story based in Virginia tragically lost a shipmate. In response to this tragedy the Coast Guard Foundation provided support to the base and the petty officer's family through the Fallen Heroes Fund.

Following the loss of their loved one, the Petty Officer's family contributed funds for the Coast Guard Foundation's Shipmate Fund, an initiative that supports units, ships, and sectors through morale and recreation initiatives. Each determine what they will benefit most from for morale purposes, and the Coast Guard Foundation works to fund those requests.

Station Little Creek-Fort Story requested an updated lounge area with new theater seats, gaming equipment and games; as well as gear to enable them to enjoy outdoor activities in Little Creek such as fishing supplies, bikes and paddle boards.

This summer,Suzan Springer, Chief Financial Officer at the Coast Guard Foundation, visited the unit to deliver these gifts in person and convey a message of support to those at the base.

"The Foundation's Shipmate Fund is an incredibly important initiative for Coast Guard morale," said Springer. "And with the funding for this donation coming from the petty officer's family, it offers a poignant way of letting everybody at the base know we support them and appreciate their work to protect our shores."

Through the Shipmate Fund, the Foundation has distributed $7 million in morale support since its inception in 1994. In 2014 alone, the Foundation distributed over $665,000 across the country, resulting in 300 total grants to various units, stations, sectors, cutters and districts. So far this year, we've awarded almost $400,000 in Shipmate Fund grant