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World Animal Protection


World Animal Protection is a global nonprofit organization that exposes destructive, exploitative, and cruel systems and provides practical and achievable solutions. For over 70 years, the organization has been rewriting the story for animals.

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Success Story

After a perilous 740 mile, Bolik the bear and Elza the wolf were safely relocated from war-torn Ukraine, to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Romania. Bolik is male and 15 years old, while Elza is female and 3 years old. Both were being held in small cages trapped in a tourist resort in Chernivtsi.

Marie Chambers, Campaign Manager, at World Animal Protection said: “Playing our part in these rescue missions from Ukraine has been a nail-biting experience clouded by uncertainty - but the end result is a happy future for Bolik and Elza. Animals are often the forgotten victims in times of crisis, yet suffer immensely, and have no understanding of the horrors unfolding around them. There is no way to explain to them why they are trapped and surrounded by the frightening sounds and sights of war, through no fault of their own. While things are truly bleak, I am delighted that even amidst the devastation, there is a better life ahead for the animals at the sanctuary, that will now get to live the peaceful lives they deserve to live.”

Bolik and Elza’s transport cages had to be specially made and then were loaded on to two separate vehicles that travelled in convoy. Once the cages were loaded in separate cars, and with all checks and paperwork complete, the team set off on the 18-hour journey. On arrival at the sanctuary, staff noted that both animals seemed calm and gentle and were comfortable with people around.

Bolik and Elza are spending their days enjoying freedom, away from the cruelty and stress they once knew. World Animal Protection provides a safe haven for hundreds of rescued animals around the world as part of our ongoing work to end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever.