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Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue


Help rescue neglected and starved horses. The loss of horse owners jobs and income is leading to more starving horses. These magnificent creatures deserve better.

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Success Story

"Blair" a very pretty, copper penny chestnut mare, who arrived here at RVHR under some rather tragic circumstances. She was being hauled in an un-safe trailer. Blair managed to get a hoof through the old floor boards, having her hind leg dragged along the road for an un-known number of miles. A local policeman on duty stopped the driver of the truck and trailer, and Blair was able to escape. A vet, was called to the scene to assess the damage that had been done to her hind leg from being dragged down the road. The mare's right hind suffered comparatively minor damage- with a "skinned" area on her pastern joint. Her left hind however, was not so lucky.

The Vet called the Rescue as she left the scene of the incident, stating that the mare's chances for recovery were slim. But there was something about this little mare that asked for that second chance. Arrangements were made, and Blair arrived at RVHR that day. She was thirsty, very thin, scared, and in a large amount of pain from both of her hind legs. Along with her injuries she was also about 250 to 300 pounds underweight as well.

While Blair's leg's continued to heal she gave Birth to Ripley. To everyone's amazement Ripley was a perfect colt with no visible or expected deformities. But for now his future looks bright. Blair remains a resident at the rescue and Ripley has moved on to his own family.