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Barnabas Center


Christ-centered ministry that helps families in crisis coping with childhood abuse, sexual addictions, anxiety, grief and marital conflict through counseling, groups and training.

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Success Story

The words from the doctors fell hard on my heart, "We suggest you take your son off of the ventilator by Saturday. The tests show there is nothing more we can do." William's cancer had filled the sac around his heart and was infiltrating his lungs with fluid - it was time to prepare for losing William. The call of my life was to bring this boy and our two girls into this world, keep them safe and nurture them until they were on their own. They trusted me. William trusted me, but I could not stop his pain or suffering or death.

Eleven years have passed and I still remember being surrounded by a church family, neighbors, and friends that creatively and tirelessly cared for this bereaved mother. But we still needed help processing the pain of William's death.

The Barnabas Center ("Barnabas") counseled us and counseled again. They met us in our grief and helped us see God in the midst of this terrible struggle. I can't imagine going through this without Barnabas - we are so thankful for them, the counsel and support they have given our family over the years.

Last year, Barnabas helped a lot people (more than 850 families) who were in significant crisis. Many of them (65%) received a scholarship. Please give a donation to The Barnabas Center so that they can continue to help those in crisis who need their help but cannot afford to pay.
-Tamea B., William's Mother