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Veterans Voices Writing Project


Veterans traumatized by war or other military experiences find solace and satisfaction in therapeutic writing program. Publication of writing brings pride and self esteem.

Real Life

Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) started as an outreach program for veterans returning from World War II. Today, it serves all veterans with therapeutic writing programs to heal their unseen emotional and moral wounds. The program continues its important work for those serving in the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Now, with the return of injured veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and other recent conflicts, the project is more important than ever. Veterans write about personal experiences and innermost thoughts to help manage the effects of PTSD and to reduce the risk of suicide. They also write for creative expression. It offers the opportunity for community in writing groups and to have their work published. Mental well-being is an important component in the health of returning military veterans. VVWP helps veterans heal from the physical and psychological trauma associated with military service, whether from actual combat, war training or emotional trauma. VVWP offers veterans an opportunity to see that writing appear in Veterans' Voices, a print magazine published since 1952. After 71 years, what is still unique about VVWP's program is that these veteran stories and experiences are published for a national audience. VVWP's program has published approximately 58,000 veterans' writings since 1952 and is mailed throughout the country to individuals, libraries, and auxiliary organizations. Each year 15,000 copies of Veterans' Voices magazine are donated to the Veterans Administration for distribution to the VA Medical Centers nationwide. Please visit for more information. Thank you for your support. Deann Mitchell