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Negative Population Growth


More people mean more pollution and damage to our environment. NPG works to educate all Americans regarding the vital need for a smaller, truly sustainable, U.S. and world population to protect our natural resources and quality of life.

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The first time I visited Alaska, I was only six years old. But the experience of seeing that truly wild, untamed land has always stuck with me. I watched a black bear feed her three cubs, moose forage for food in a pond, and more bald eagles flying above me than I could count. The difference between that underpopulated paradise and my overcrowded home state was stark - even my six-year-old brain couldn't miss the importance of it. I'm still pretty young, but I can see the truth - America is overpopulated, and our environment is paying the price for it. It will be my generation, and those to follow, who suffer the consequences of our nation so vastly exceeding its carrying capacity. Traffic congestion and smog, depleted soil, and the constant battle to meet our energy needs are all destroying our overall quality of life - and it's only getting worse.  I know this land was never meant to support its current population of over 324 million people - and certainly can't accommodate millions more as we continue to grow. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to experience America the way I did. I want them to see the wild, raw beauty of nature before it's replaced by cities and highways - destroying nature and depleting our natural resources in the process. That's why I support NPG - I want to protect America for the generations to come. When I submitted my ideas to NPG's annual Essay Scholarship Contest, I was selected as a winner! Thanks to this special program, I got the help I needed with the rising cost of college - and I know I'm working to make a difference for the future. -Inspired by a 2015 NPG Essay Scholarship Winner