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Children Fighting Serious Illness


We provide original, personalized songs, free of charge, for children and teens facing medical, physical or emotional challenges, as well as fear, loss, and separation from people they love. The songs help them cope with pain while lifting their spirits.

Real Life

I would like to thank everyone at Songs of Love for the outstanding gift you give to children. Thank-you doesn't say enough for the dedication of all who take their time to participate in the making of these very unique Cd's. As my daughter battles a brain tumor she finds much joy in listening to her song.Through Kiyanna's excitement she has played her song for her many doctors, therapists, family and friends. It has brought tears to most,even the men and woman in uniform from the Air National Guard who presented Kiyanna with a Young Hero's Medal for displaying courage and strength while battling this illness.During Kiyanna's hospitalization she also met Dora The Explorer a loved character to Kiyanna but her most cherished event to her is receiving and listening to what she calls her "Kiyanna Song."This music is definitely a form of medicine and Kiyanna will be the first one to tell you it makes her feel better and helps to keep her dancing.Thank-You for bringing my daughter joy and encouragement in a most difficult time.

Tara & Rich Stockwell