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Animal League America


Saving dogs & cats from euthanasia, puppy mills, & hardship emergencies or disasters. Providing urgent medical care, spay/neuter, loving responsible adoption, & social emotional learning student programs.

Real Life

Founded in 1944, North Shore Animal League America is the largest, most comprehensive no-kill rescue and adoption organization in the world -saving the lives of defenseless animals' for more than 70 years - over 1,000,000 to date! We've proudly been the leader in the no-kill movement to rescue, nurture and adopt homeless and abused animals and help them find responsible and loving homes. Louie came to us aboard one of our our Mobile Rescue Units-one of 87 dogs and puppies saved from the ravages of a puppy mill. Like many puppy mill survivors, Louie had many medical and behavioral issues as a result of being confined to a tiny cage without adequate nutrition, medical care and socialization. He was very fearful due to his previous lack of human interaction. Shortly after his arrival, Louie was diagnosed with a liver condition known as microvascular dysplasia, as well as a heart murmur and bilateral luxating patellas (his kneecaps popped in and out of place). He desperately needed our help and nurturing care. Our amazing team of veterinarians, pet behavior specialists and kennel associates made it their mission to transform Louie into a highly adoptable pet. Today, he's in a loving home and he'll get the medical attention he needs at North Shore Animal League America for the rest of his life. Please join our 2019 Combined Federal Campaign, and together, we can make a difference and provide these precious animals a new beginning and every chance at new and happy life.