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Hospice Foundation for End-of-Life Care


The Foundation funds everyday expenses crucial to the peace of mind of hospice patients and families; and, these are needs not covered under Medicare Benefit.

Real Life

Making life easier by assisting hospice patients and their families by funding extraordinary expenses that lie outside of the realm of hospice care but are nevertheless critically important for their comfort and peace of mind.

We want to share with you a few examples across the country, of the relief that your thoughtful and generous contributions give to less fortunate families at a time when grief and financial strain are especially difficult.

A 75-year-old patient's son had to quit his job to better assist with his mother's fulltime care. This of course resulted in a significant decrease in the household income. The son soon also became a caregiver to his father. Their current household income was simply not enough to make their monthly rental payment. The Foundation was able to assist this family with their rent, enabling them to buy food and other household necessities.

A 62 year-old patient complains daily of uncomfortable and sleepless nights due to his deteriorating health. He awakens with back and neck pain every day. A simple request for a memory foam mattress pad topper was all he asked to have to bring him comfort and relief. The Foundation was able to coordinate with a local vendor to help provide this gentleman a more restful and comfortable nights' sleep.

A 44 year-old patient and her caregiver spouse find themselves falling behind on their monthly minimal living expenses. Their household income has decreased greatly and they find it hard to make ends meet resulting in their utility bill going unpaid for two months. The Foundation was able to assist this family by paying their overdue utility bill.