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Astronomical Society of the Pacific


The ASP engages children, families, and the public in astronomy! Our innovative activities, programs, materials and events promote science literacy and increase appreciation for astronomy and space sciences. Help us inspire future scientists and educators!

Real Life

The Susquehanna Valley Amateur Astronomers of Mifflinburg, PA gave a presentation to 100 sixth grade students at Mifflinburg Middle School: "25 years ago, I would never have believed in my wildest dreams, that I would be handing out a paper that showed the location of stars with known extra solar planets," said SVAA club member Joseph Robert Southerton. "I told my students that in my 25 years of teaching, this is the weirdest and most amazing paper I have ever handed out. It got their attention!"

The Astronomy Club of Tulsa: " The materials in the NSN kit inspired me to design the content of the day camp around the quest to find and explore an extrasolar planet. The kids took to all this with great zeal and really enjoyed themselves. I could certainly tell that their curiosity had been piqued when suddenly I found myself answering very good questions about our sun, solar evolution, the solar system and the planets and stars for nearly 45 minutes. I had to stop them even though they were still asking questions, as we were going to runout of time to finish."