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Run by students, for students. International exchanges promoting leadership, peace, education, and cultural understanding. Opportunities for youth to experience life, exchange opinions, and study internationally.

Real Life

Three years after my first engagement with JASC at the Japadele orientation at the Yoyogi Center in Tokyo, the memories and impressions from JASC are still vividly an integral part of my day to day life: through strengthened friendship with the deles , my academic studies which took me to Hitotsubashi University for a year, as well as independent research, focusing on Japan's role as a major donor to the developing world.

What we all grasped intuitively, and had time to reflect on after JASC, was the invaluable process of bridging, human bridging, that occurred among the deles and that now, years later, still holds and will continue to hold meaning, adding strength to the relationship among two individuals, two communities, and two countries, and at the larger scale, networks of communities in our global society.

Aziza Zakhidiva

55th (2003) American Delegate &
56th (2004) American Executive Committee A 2006 graduate of the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Zakhidiva was recently awarded the Marshall Scholarship. With completion of the M.S. in Development Management and Economics from the London School of Economics, she hopes to serve as a bridge between global financial and academic institutions and the local players of Central Asia, mobilizing resources for the region's development.