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National Space Society


Advancing the day when humans will live and work in space. An educational organization supporting space exploration and development through grassroots public outreach programs.

Real Life

"Space Exploration Is Good For Everyone"

There is a great need today to convince the American public that boldly exploring and developing space is very important! The average American is focused on their wealth, health, and safety. They do not see the relevance of space. They have not forgotten space, they just do not see that going there is necessary - they see it as a luxury for better times. But space exploration today is improving the lives of ALL Americans! Just look at these few examples, all of which were derived from space exploration:

  • Storm tracking saves thousands of lives.
  • Crop health monitoring and position location results in millions of dollars of extra revenue.
  • The discovery that the bone-loss that healthy astronauts experience in the weightlessness of space is caused by the same physiological mechanism that causes osteoporosis is improving the quality of health care for millions.
  • The knowledge of the process of red blood cell production in astronauts' bodies is helping physicians improve the health of millions of hemophiliac patients.
  • The discovery of perfect crystalline forms of human proteins grown in space is speeding medical research in cancer and immune deficiency diseases by 10 to 100 times.

    Your voice counts. Please help us keep space exploration alive!