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National Park Trust


For 34 years, NPT has enhanced our national park system by completing land preservation projects benefiting 40 National Park Units. Since 2009, NPT has been cultivating the next generation of park stewards through our two national youth programs.

Real Life

What our Friends are saying . . .

"Thank you to the National Park Trust for all that you do to preserve, protect, and enhance our public lands and national parks."
-Congressman George Miller (2007)

"The ugency of your [NPT] work in my view is no better articulated than in my great and wonderful state of Arizona. You are doing such wonderful work that would not otherwise be done. You've embarked on projects and preserved great national treasurers. For your efforts, I am exceedingly and everlastingly grateful."
-Senator John McCain (2006)

"The National Park Service is deeply grateful for your donation of Estate Concordia. It is gratifying to have the privilege of cooperating with the National Park Trust, our partner, to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country."
-Patricia Hooks, Regional Director SE, National Park Service (2006)

"We sometimes forget how bound we are to nature, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the roads on which we traverse, the parks, the open spaces; we are connected. And any damage is irretrievable to nature. . . . We can be very grateful to National Park Trust, because you give land to parks, refuges, wildlife, historical monuments; you preserve all of those for all of us."
-Connie Morella, Former Congresswoman (2003)

"The National Park Service wants to thank you for your long-term commitment to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve [and] we look forward to our continued partnership."
-Robert Stanton, Director, National Park Service (1999)