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Organization Information

Disabled Children's Fund


Assisting poor, disabled children worldwide with free distribution of specialty wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, rehabilitation equipment and therapy. Also providing food and clothing to special needs children, and relief to victims of disasters.

Real Life

Gallia lies on a colorful rug that protects her thin, crippled body from Sahara Desert sand, but there is no protection from the flies that crawl on her face and in her eyes, nose and mouth. No one is there to brush them away and she can't do it herself. Her stiff limbs and gnarled hands prevent her from doing the simplest of tasks like walking or sitting up. Gallia has cerebral palsy. She cannot speak, yet she understands words spoken to her. She makes grunting sounds when she knows someone is listening and always has a huge smile that shows her happy heart.

Gallia's mother struggles to lift and carry her 14-year-old daughter to the other side of the tent where dinner is served. A small pillow props her up so she won't choke on her food. Basic necessities are lacking here.

Gallia's mother was thrilled when volunteers from Disabled Children's Fund told her that her daughter was getting a wheelchair! Now Gallia can sit up and receive her meals and her mother doesn't have to lift her off the ground each time she needs to move her. Gallia's smile confirmed that she was comfortable in her new chair.