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Children's Fund of America


For the children whose parent's perished fighting terrorism, or were lost in other tragedies of national significance, we provide mental healthcare and higher education assistance.

Real Life

Daniel Reid spent Sunday afternoons having tea parties with his 4-year-old daughter Paige. The former college quarterback looked awkward sitting on the floor with a tiny flowered teacup between two large fingers.But as the father of 5 boys, it was important for Daniel to make his only daughter feel special.

The tea parties ended on 9/11.Daniel died that day.He wasn't the only victim. The buildings came crashing down on Paige as well, crushing her life and spirit. She began having night terrors, screaming constantly, and clinging to her mother for fear of losing her.

Paige was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder, coupled with anxiety and depression. Instead of playing dress-up, hopscotch, and jumping rope, she sat in a psychiatrist's office trying to articulate adult feelings through art and play therapy. The twice-weekly visits began to drain the family's finances.

Paige's mother heard about the Twin Towers Orphan Fund. TTOF was able to assist with Paige's therapy, alleviating the burden on her mother who has 5 other children to support and raise.

Today, Paige is 9 years old.She is doing well in school and making friends.She is still seeing a psychiatrist, though not as often, and is on her way to a more normal childhood.

TTOF has distributed more than 4 million dollars, to assist children, who lost a parent on 9/11.Your generous donations continue to make this possible.