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Youth Leaders for the Future, A Legacy Initiative


Create a better future! Youths learn to develop projects, resolve conflict, and respect differences. They bring skills home to their communities and become responsible, compassionate leaders.

Real Life

Youth Leaders for the Future
When Sar Roeng and Bunna Seng, young Cambodian refugees, arrived in the United States, they were at risk of dropping out of school.Scarred by childhood experiences of living in the concentration camps of Pol Pot and watching their family members executed, these students faced tremendous cultural obstacles adjusting to life in the United States.

Surrounded by peers who were taking drugs, dropping out of school, and running away from home, Sar and Bunna struggled with a new language, an unfamiliar environment, and family problems that included abuse, neglect, incest and addiction.

They came to Legacy International's Youth Leaders for the Future, a summer training program, on scholarship.Through workshops with youth from around the world, they learned about resolving conflicts through communication, received leadership training, and gained a more global perspective.

Sar and Bunna returned home with new confidence in themselves, knowledge about the world and a vision for the future.

Sar went on to graduate from the University of Richmond and is preparing for law school.Bunna returned to Cambodia where he was a volunteer with USIA for 16 months.Now he teaches special students at a California public school.