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Boys Hope Girls Hope


Boys Hope Girls Hope helps children-in-need overcome their circumstances, reach their full potential and contribute positively to their communities. We provide care in family-like settings that offer educational opportunities and long-term support.

Real Life

Testament of Hope

As a scholar in the New Orleans boys home, Thomas Tran would never have guessed at his future as an executive, business owner and family man.Coming from a home environment full of love but lacking the support to help him meet his potential, Thomas embraced the structure of Boys Hope Girls Hope.Seeing the important opportunity that Boys Hope Girls Hope offered, Thomas worked hard to make the most of it.

Hard work is a consistent theme in the life of Thomas and his wife, Martha.In his tenth year at Healix, a cutting-edge healthcare company, Thomas is currently serving as the Senior Operations Director.He and Martha have opened their own pharmaceutical services company, Metscript, where Martha serves as Chief Pharmacist and Vice President.

Maybe the most meaningful outcome of Thomas's experience as a Boys Hope Girls Hope scholar was that, in his words, "it helped me see how important a strong family is and helped me become a good father."He and Martha are the proud parents of two children.

Asked about the message he would like to convey to current scholars, Thomas shares, "Boys Hope Girls Hope gives you the opportunity to make something of yourself... [you] just have to take it seriously."Thomas clearly did just that, and serves as a wonderful example of what we strive for on behalf of every scholar: to meet one's full potential and become a man or woman for others.