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Afghan Children and War Orphans


Aschiana Foundation invests in the education and well-being of vulnerable children in Afghanistan to give them hope for a brighter future and to contribute to lasting peace and security for the nation.

Real Life

Afeeza can be found most evenings in the back alleys of one of the nicer neighborhoods in Afghanistan. She is 12 and goes from house to house begging for leftover bread for her family.Afeeza was forced to leave her home village in the eastern part of Afghanistan when fighting came to her village. She moved with her father, mother and younger brother and sister to just outside Kabul. Her father was not able to find work in his new environment and became discouraged about all he had lost. This led him to heroin. Afeeza can not let her father know she is bringing home money from begging or selling penny candy on the streets because he will take it for drugs.

A social worker from Aschiana was told about Afeeza and brought her to the Children's Center. With her mother's permission, Afeeza and her two siblings attend classes at Aschiana each day where they are learning to read and write. Afeeza is also taking sewing classes and is well on her way to becoming an accomplished seamstress. For now she still must beg for bread each day. But with Aschiana's help, she is hoping that she will be able to get a regular job to provide food for her family and help her father recover from his addiction.