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Wolf Center, International


Fighting for sustainable wolf populations by teaching the world the truth about these magnificent, misunderstood creatures. We envision a world where humans and wolves coexist.

Real Life

Every year, the Combined Federal Campaign comes around and asks for donations for thousands of different charities. I thought long and hard about what and who to donate to, then I saw the International Wolf Center. I'm passionate about teaching the public that they are not the savage beasts as assumed. Thank you for what you do! -Neil R., U.S. Air Force The International Wolf Center has always been my 'go-to' place for objective information about wolves and wolf management. I have referred countless school kids, teachers and others to the website. The International Wolf Center plays such a critical role in this regard. Wolf conservation would be lost without IWC…the polarization would overwhelm us all. Thanks for all you do! -Former wolf coordinator for Montana The International Wolf Center is a mission driven organization educating people about wolves and their behavior. The education is centered on how wolves are vital in the balance of nature. -Judy H., Member