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Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation


Creating smiles and inspiring hope for kids with cancer and their families by providing financial assistance, camp scholarships, toys, games and funding for cancer research.

Real Life

On February 5th my job ends so I have been looking for another.I am a single mom of four kids living at home and have really help from no one except a neighbor and a good friend.

Cancer Recovery Foundation hears from parents like this mother all the time.As their children go through treatment for cancer, their families' lives are turned upside down.Cancer Recovery Foundation provides emergency financial assistance to families like Julie's and also provides scholarships to send the children to camp ? to help them feel like a kid again and not just a patient or a disease.

Julie goes on to write:

I am trying to pack up the house in order to find somewhere cheaper to live ? it is really hard!It is nice that there are people out there like you that help people out.

Thanks soooooooooo much! ?this is truly a godsend.This will mean the world to my daughter. When your 15-year old daughter has undergone intensive and invasive treatments, when her childhood and youth are interrupted, when you are not sure how to keep the lights on, the compassion of others like you can make all the difference between hope and dispair.

When letters like this are received we know we are doing something meaningful to help families cope with the financial devastation that cancer so often brings.