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Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology


We fund breakthrough research and share cutting-edge cancer information. With your help we can build a world free from the fear of cancer.

Real Life

These days, it seems like nearly everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. This is often a motivating factor for young doctors and scientists to choose a career in cancer research. Dr. Christopher Lieu, assistant professor at the University of Colorado, experienced the pain that can accompany cancer early on: two of his grandparents passed away from gastrointestinal (GI) cancer. This loss inspired him to become a GI oncologist and researcher. In 2013, Dr. Lieu received a Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Career Development Award, which has enabled him to conduct some very important research. Dr. Lieu and his team are investigating a way to better treat an especially challenging type of colorectal cancer. The results of their study could mean less suffering and improved survival rates for patients with this disease. People with this type of cancer respond poorly to an entire class of medication typically given to colorectal cancer patients. "We have a clinical trial ongoing, and it's still very early but there has been some promising activity," said Dr. Lieu. "Getting this grant has been one of the best parts of my career," noted Dr. Lieu, "The process of submitting the grant was incredibly meaningful, receiving the grant was a tremendous boost to my career, and I'm hopeful that the research funded by my CCF grant will lead to better treatments for colorectal cancer in the future." "By donating to CCF you're not only improving cancer research right now," said Dr. Lieu. "You're also building the careers of young investigators that will continue to move the field even further. It's an investment in the present and the future, and I think that's very unique."