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Cancer Research and Assistance - VHL


VHLA: committed to finding a cure for VHL, a genetic condition causing abnormal tumor growth, and related cancers, awarding millions through its research grants program.

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The Cure for Cancer is in Our Genes

Hi! My name is Carter. This is a picture of me at 5. I'm 7 now! I have VHL, and so does my mom and grandfather. When I was 2, the eye doctor found a tumor in my eye and told my mom I was going to go blind.

At the time, my mother found Cancer Research & Assistance. They connected her with experts treating VHL and thanks to them I can see everything!

Every year, I have an eye exam to make sure that my eyes are healthy. When I get older, I will need more scans including my brain, spine, kidney, pancreas, and adrenals. If they find more tumors, I will have to have surgery to remove them.

Did you know that the gene responsible for VHL is the same one that controls all tumor growth? Since the gene is involved in many other forms of cancer, finding a cure for VHL will help cure other forms of cancer! As a result, the Cancer Research and Assistance created something called a patient databank to help better understand VHL and other cancers and assist researches in finding a cure (

I hope that you will donate money to Cancer Research and Assistance - VHL so that they can help other people like me. Your donation will help them continue important cancer research!