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Together Center


We believe easy access to a full range of services in one place is critical to empowering people and communities to succeed. With your help, we connect all to 20 agencies and full-time supports at our Front Door, so people can find help when they need it.

Real Life

Stu (not his real name) visited Family Resource Center almost daily for over two years.The lobby provided warmth in the winter, safety, a free phone to check on available services and a place for him to meet friends and wait for his food bank appointment.He met many agency staff people and received encouragement, information and continued support as he struggled with health problems and disability, addiction and homelessness.As such, he dealt with many issues: where to do laundry, transportation after his bicycle was stolen, finding a place to shower and shave, illness, losing all his clothes and camping gear during a property sweep and never feeling safe when he lay down to sleep.The most difficut words for staff to hear:"I'm invisible."After many attempts to access resources and piecing together opportunities, Stu received support from Vet's Edge's Joe Ingram, who regularly visits the campus to advocate for homeless men. Stu is now in treatment, receiving needed medication andand working toward recovery.He reports that he is looking forward to healing and leaving homelessness behind him.Family Resource Center provided Stu with a safe place to gather resources, develop trust for providers and find an advocate.