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Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Donations support our nationally recognized work in victim advocacy, violence prevention, & public policy advocacy. We educate the public, develop innovative programs, and work with 60+ DV programs to support survivors & their families.

Real Life

We all need a place to live - but for survivors of abuse and their children, finding safe, affordable and permanent housing can be a major barrier to getting free from an abusive situation. Emergency shelter is only a temporary solution. That is why we recently started an initiative on housing. In May 2008, we held an "advocacy camp" for victim advocates and survivors to train them on advocating for housing. The most moving part of the camp was a mock hearing in which participants gave personal testimony to "legislators" (played by volunteers) on how the lack of safe and affordable housing affected their lives. Also, in 2007, we helped win a $2.5 million increase in a state program for transitional housing and rent vouchers for low-income people. Thanks for your support!