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Deaf-Blind Service Center


Only agency in Washington committed to assist individuals that are both deaf and blind reach personal autonomy and attain highest quality of life possible.

Real Life

Deaf-Blind Service Center is a non-profit organization that provides services for the Deaf-Blind individuals of Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound area. The five main categories that we provide are: Communication Facilitators who provide information via tactile communication through the use of videophone just so that they are able to have a conversation on the telephone; Advocacy and Case Management that covers a variety of problem-solving situations such as housing, transportation, system change, interpreter rights, and employment issues; Educational Opportunities that provide classes that are tailored to the needs of DB individuals and also encourages leadership for those in teaching positions; Outreach and Public Services that provide Braille services, workshops for landlords, employers, health care providers, and others that provide resources for learning about Deaf-Blind culture and communication norms; and also Support Service Providers (SSPs), which are sighted guides and providers of visual and environmental information that enable DB people to participate more fully in society. Our goals are: increase awareness about the DB community; eliminate DB isolation through SSPs and other services; act as a model and resource for other agencies and persons interested in improving and promoting access for DB people; and also offer various tools for DB people to participate fully in society. Thank you and hope this helps you understand what DBSC is all about!