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Texas Homeless Network


In Texas, 23,000 men, women, and children are homeless at any point-in-time. While still too large, that number is a 42% drop from 2007. Help us continue to lower the number of people on the streets. Our friends and neighbors deserve a home.

Real Life

What we do. Texas Homeless Network (THN) is a non-profit membership- based organization providing solutions to end homelessness in Texas communities through education, resources and advocacy.

How We Do It. THN provides training and technical assistance around the state as well as an annual conference helping service providers and communities better serve the homeless population with the end goal of preventing and ending homelessness. Along with providing state-wide support, THN represents the Balance of State areas that aren't covered by a larger Continuum of Care and applies for funding on their behalf. The total number of counties in the Balance of State region is now 202.

Results. The Texas Conference on Ending Homelessness has an attendance of 350 homeless service providers, school liaisons, advocates, government officials, and community leaders. In addition to the conference, THN provides training and technical support to an average of 1600 people per year helping agencies and communities become more effective in ending homelessness. Through the Balance of State Continuum of Care, THN was able to secure funding for seven organizations throughout Texas that provide or further housing and supportive services for homeless families and individuals.