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Women's Health Network


Shaking up Congress and complacent physicians by listening to women and speaking out for change. Help influence policies and provide a voice for women's health and medical issues.

Real Life

"My mother's journeys with breast and ovarian cancer have made women's health issues central to both of our lives. As a young woman I searched for trustworthy information on cancer prevention and screenings, and as a cancer survivor, my mother wanted medically accurate information on treatment options and continuing care. That's why we've both been strong NWHN supporters for many years. It is the only organization providing women's health advocacy and information across the lifespan with a perspective that is solidly feminist, uninfluenced by corporate dollars, and grounded in sound research and science." (A daughter whose mother lives in Silver Spring, Maryland)

Many women and families have been devastated by a breast cancer diagnosis. It is the leading women's cancer and the leading cause of death for middle-aged women. NWHN is proud that our work has created an astonishing drop in the number of women with this disease-18,000 fewer diagnoses each year now. This happened because millions of women stopped taking menopause hormone therapy when research showed it could increase their breast cancer risk - research conducted because of NWHN's advocacy. Despite opposition from mainstream medicine and drug companies, NWHN pushed the government to assess the safety and effectiveness of hormones, convincing Congress to direct NIH to do this research. Starting with women's own health concerns, NWHN's campaign took over a decade, but ultimately succeeded through corporate watch dogging, media advocacy, consumer education, and outreach. Because of our work, thousands of women are living longer and avoiding breast cancer.