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Organization Information

Whiskers Animal Shelter, Inc


Cats/kittens abused, neglected, abandoned, sick left to die. Suffering without food/medical attention. Multiplying without spay/neuter assistance. Homeless. Please help us help them.

Real Life

One very special cat.His name is Lucas.He was 3 weeks old, covered in fleas and had a broken pelvic bone when we first got him.His owner had tossed the family out a second floor window.When we first heard of Lucas' condition, no one thought he would make it.We monitored his progress, bottle fed him, and to everyone's surprise he pulled through.As he got a bit older, we noticed that he walked a bit funny.His front paws were turned extremely outward as he walked.He was born with a bone disfigurement in his front legs.He had no trouble getting around as he grew, just couldn't jump up onto things like normal cats.If that wasn't enough, he had constant gum infections requiring medication.After considering all he had gone through and the trouble he would have in the future (the vet said arthritis will set in early, and he'll have trouble walking), he managed to have the best personality I have ever seen in a cat.He was truly a "ham" and put on his impressive show every chance he got when someone new visited the shelter.He would walk up to strangers, roll over on his back, and bat his paws in the air asking them to rub his belly.Lucas captured the heart of Carol, a volunteer at the shelter.He is now living like a king in his new home.