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Organization Information

Jesus Inc.


A Christian ministry providing: In-prison bible studies (Lawrence Correction Center with 2,300 inmates), distribution of Bibles & Christian literature, an email newsletter, plus religious counseling & assistance to individuals, businesses and communities.

Real Life

Three times each week, Stan Wieber teaches groups of men ranging in size from 6 to 25, on the truths of the Christian Bible. Over 2,000 men experience biblical teaching over a 12 month period. In mid 2017, Mr. Wieber conducted a course to help men overcome addiction to pornography. Several men have identified pornography to be a major problem in their marriage or family life. This course sets the foundation to enable each man to break their addiction to pornography and to reset their relationships based on faith, personal discipline and integrity. They also learn to trust others, to build individual accountability. Positive results are forthcoming.