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Marine Corps University Foundation


Only nonprofit organization dedicated to educating active-duty Marines, with a mission to train 21st century leaders and warfighters through Marine Corps University, professional military education for units across the fleet, staff rides to battlefields.

Real Life

We help not only the University, but we fund Professional Military Education for Marines worldwide. From a Company Commander of 1st Battalion, 6th Marines:

"The 165 Marines of Company B recently completed a trip, via commercial busing, to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland to reconnect with our 16 wounded warriors. This trip exceeded our expectations; serving as an excellent venue to reduce the uncertainty of what happens to a Marine when adversity strikes; showing them first-hand the truly remarkable care and support our wounded receive, and catapulted our healing process while reinforcing the efforts of the hospital staff, the Wounded Warrior Regiment, and the many units forward deployed who have comrades undergoing treatment but cannot get to them. It was covered by several national and regional news agencies and absolutely served as a proof of concept for the proper reintegration of our combat veterans. This trip did in fact also serve as a means to reinvigorate the espirit de corps, professionalism and brotherhood of Company B

"With the Marine Corps University Foundation's help, we were able to, for the first time, trace the correlation between timely immersive professional military education combined with proper professional recognition and the reduction of post deployment combat stress related statistics that have plagued our Corps' combat units over the last decade following a difficult combat deployment. I am pleased to report that as an infantry company; we have not had a single liberty incident since returning from theatre - another highlight in Black Iron's illustrious history."