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World War II Heroes Foundation - Normandy Allies


Honoring sacrifices and accomplishments of WWII Allied Military Forces who fought victoriously for freedom and peace in 1944. Education program in Normandy for students and teachers combines historical presentations and sessions with French historians.

Real Life

Chris commented, at the end of his journey: "Before this trip, I thought I had a good grasp on D-Day, but I didn't realize how much I didn't know. Specifically, I didn't realize how massive the landings were. I also didn't realize how vital Operation Neptune and individual decision making was for the success of the mission. One of the most meaningful parts of the International Experience for me was to walk on the same beach where my grandpa walked and see some of the same sights he saw. Another part of the International Experience that was significant for me was visiting the cemeteries because one can read about the statistics but to see what 4,410 and 9,387 graves look like and the Walls of the Missing that seemed to stretch forever are images that will forever be etched in my memory. No book movie or documentary would have been able to do that. Also, the stories of those people that lived through the landings and experience Nazi brutality will last with me forever. The first stop when I get home will be my grandpa's house so I can give him a big hug. This trip made it very obvious how lucky he is and, by relation, how lucky I am to be here.