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Grameen Foundation USA


Break the cycle-help poor families end poverty. United with Freedom from Hunger, we apply the power of technology to help the world's poorest people improve resilience, income, and health.

Real Life

Mariatu, who lives in a small village in Ghana, registered for Grameen Foundation's Mobile Midwife service at the start of her third pregnancy. Mobile Midwife sends poor pregnant women and new mothers vital care information via mobile phone to help them have healthier pregnancies and better care for their babies during the first year of life.

Mariatu registered for the Mobile Midwife service when she was in her first trimester. Before the introduction of the messages in her village, she had lost two pregnancies. This was partly because she had to rely on recommendations from friends and extended family members about the use of herbal medications that they felt were helpful. She hardly ate any fruits or drank enough water during her earlier pregnancies.

Listening to Mobile Midwife messages every week of her third pregnancy really made a big difference, and now she has a beautiful daughter, Salamatu. A message that was really helpful was on nutrition. Her husband Nuru often listened to the content with her. With both of them listening, he realized the importance of eating more fruits during pregnancy, and he often brought home fruits for her.

Mariatu is living testimony to how Mobile Midwife has really helped. Previously, she was more susceptible to the complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth. She did not have the necessary information to make decisions regarding her unborn child- She simply did not know the right kinds of food to eat, or how she should care for herself. She did not know when-or if! - to go for medical checkups. Mobile Midwife empowered her with the right information she needed during her pregnancy and childbirth.