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Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Inc.


Improving the quality of life for all. Support people-to-people programs promoting cultural awareness and sustainable community development; we are empowering individuals to educate themselves.

Real Life

Building self-esteem, leadership, and sustainable communities is a primary goal of WNP. This people-to-people international volunteer organization facilitates over 50 active programs including empowerment, leadership, learning centers, youth, sports, libraries, firefighters, agriculture, health, cultural diversity, kitchen gardens, micro-lending, and humanitarian assistance. The learning center program is one of the earliest and most utilized. In 2010 alone, 1,485 women attended with 689 graduates from 13 learning centers. The impact on the lives of the participants, their families, and their communities is very significant. As one graduate describes the program's success, "now I eat every day." Some participants, like Ulda, have become coordinators of Learning Centers.

"I am a disabled person; I had a core spinal problem and have been in a wheelchair for 5 years. With great effort I managed to get ahead by being integrated into the workshops of Wisconsin as are the women in my learning center as well. Women who are also struggling to continue forwards through the different training received at my learning center. This is a great support to us. I hope to integrate more women with disabilities in the future." Through the W/NP Learning Center Ulda shares her enthusiasm and skills with her students and has become a role model and leader in the development of her community. Yet challenges remain. The time, distance, and money needed to travel to the Learning Centers are on-going difficulties for the participants. There is need for equipment, materials, and ongoing training opportunities; we invite you to join in making a difference for these women & their families.