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Dental & Medical Care for the Poor of Honduras


Make a difference! Support this medical clinic in the poorest part of La Entrada de Copan, Honduras, in providing year-round free dental and medical care.

Real Life

Heysi was born with a cranial anomaly that developed into a rare condition where bones of the skull do not close completely. Brain and cerebral spinal tissue protrude causing a swelling under the skull. If left untreated, pressure on the optic nerve can cause blindness. Surgery for this serious condition is not available in Honduras. So, working together with the Manos Amigas Clinic and Geisinger Medical Center, DMCPH was able to bring her mother and her to the U. S. for surgery. The surgery was scheduled for a few days after her arrival in Danville, PA. The neuro-surgeon was fluent in Spanish, as he had spent his childhood in Mexico, and plastic surgeons were on-call.

The surgery was successful and Heysi was moved from the ICU after the first day to the pediatric floor where she was one among many other youngsters. Except for a little temporary swelling around the forehead area, no one will see any signs of the surgery. Her three-week visit to the United States passed very quickly and mother and child were flown back to Honduras and transported to their village on Christmas Eve.

9 months later, Heysi is doing well, and progressing as a typical three-year old. She continues to visit the Manos Amigas clinic for post-operative checkups.