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Hispanic Children's Nutrition and Education Fund


Hispanic students need scholarships, school supplies, computers, meals, new cafeterias and computer labs to succeed. Help us break their cycle of poverty in one generation.

Real Life

Try to imagine yourself in David's shoes.

David is a sixteen-year-old boy living in a small agricultural town south of the U.S.-Mexican border. He awakens one morning to find his world changed. His single mother has suddenly emigrated to the U.S. leaving him alone with his two younger brothers and his younger sister.

Poverty and despair make people do desperate things, but something in David has cemented his love for his brothers and sister as he refused to let them be taken into the state system--working as an auto mechanic and trying to hold his little "family" together. When I met David, I was astonished at his sense of commitment, his love and determination to care for his siblings.

This is where Children of The Americas comes in, and why we need your help today.

We helped him with food, clothing, shoes, and household items, but also with encouragement and supportive and regular contact. We are also working with other agencies to help get him and his brothers and sister placed together somewhere where they could hopefully pick up the threads of their childhood and get the nutrition and education they need.

Children of The Americas works to make sure that children living in the border areas of Mexico, have the chance to become young adults with skills and promise. We feed over 500 children a day through five before school nutrition programs and provide school supplies, scholarships, needed construction programs--toys at Christmas.

Please consider helping our children.