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Boys & Girls of America Education Fund


Inspired by Sara, a tiny child in Mexico left to peddle trinkets to tourists, we work tirelessly to ensure impoverished children have a safe and loving place to receive a quality education, daily meals, and more. We're building brighter futures.

Real Life

In a way, Johana is more fortunate than many of our students because she has a family with a mother and father. But, her family lives in a junkyard where her father struggles to earn a living by painting trucks. Johana’s tiny home is made from scrap lumber and has large gaps that leave the family exposed to insects and the elements. The tarp roof is held in place by stones. There is no water or electricity. Johana, like many of our students, relies not only on the Hispanic Children’s Education Fund for her education, but also the HCEF meal program for her main source of nutrition and the HCEF health care program when she is sick. Sometimes people will ask, "What's the point? Why help when there are so many problems?" The answer is obvious: children like Johana deserve our help. She is a typical child - full of personality, curiosity, and potential! It may seem as if the world is against her, but she is full of hopes and dreams. Every child - whether they live in your neighborhood or on another continent - deserves a chance at life. Hispanic Children's Education Fund represents a chance for children and their families. We nurture children's dreams through education. If we give children like Johana a good start, she just might be able to change things for herself and break the cycle of poverty. Your donation is Johana's future. Your donation is the future for the world. Gracias!